Friday, May 22, 2009

Scott potential


WOLVERHAMPTON wonder Scott Matthews's latest album Elsewhere is a work of subdued beauty.
Pillow to the face subdued.
Following the debut album Passing Stranger, which stunned listeners including myself with its sweeping arrangements and Jeff Buckley-esque guitar and vocals, Elsewhere progresses to a less showy, more introvert delivery.
Maybe some of the aforementioned Buckley comparisons had an impact on the vocals, which are held back to the point of sounding more like Chris Cornell.
And added to this, the tracks here are more restrained than before, though still lovingly smothered in strings and horns.
Listening to it, it sounds like either Matthews is unsure exactly how good he is, or he's too scared to show us.
So while you should probably decide to look elsewhere for the time being, Scott Matthews should remain one to watch.

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