Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quality out of control


IT'S a testament to the talent of Tori Amos that she is allowed the freedom to make an album like Abnormally Attracted To Sin.
The LP, the American singer songwriter's 10th studio effort, is the epic, self-indulgent succession of piano-led, electronica-tinged breathy ballads and sultry rockers anyone familiar with Amos's back catalogue would expect.
Anyone without 15 years experience in the business would probably had a flea in their ear from the record company had they attempted to put out such an arduous album.
Because although there are some typically beautiful moments hidden away on this album - and I say this as a long-time fan of Amos - the fact that Abnormally Attracted To Sin wasn't condensed is a real sin.


  1. That bad uh? Hmmm, might just take this one out of the library rather than purchase. My last favourite of hers was Scarlett's Walk...I saw her live last 2 winters ago and was left wanting. She's strange and lovely still.

  2. It's not that it's bad, it's just so much effort to listen to it. If you're a fan, there's plenty to get your teeth into, you just have to trawl through to find it.


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