Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ciara not at her peak


B-LIST R&B star Ciara releases her Fantasy Ride on Monday - although it's a bit more Ford than Ferrari.
As you would expect from an established major label American star on her third album, the club-orientated beats here are as sleek and polished as they come.
And although there are no mind-bogglingly outstanding tracks here, you can see a few hits as you glance down the track listing.
But the most telling thing is that the best bits of Fantasy Ride are when the excellently chosen guest vocalists such as Ludacris, Justin Timberlake and Young Jeezy take the driving seat.
Overall, Fantasy Ride, although never white knuckle, is undoubtedly a smooth ride.


  1. And another minor grumble with this album - the US cover art is much better, why change it for the European release?
    See it for yourself at

  2. Not a bad album, but a lot of it sounds like Justin Timberlake's leftovers to me.


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