Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flutebox clever

I'M SURE we're all well aware of acts like 'The Godfather Of Noyze' Rahzel and Britain's finest Beardyman, who can beatbox and drop basslines or sing or imitate an instrument simultaneously - and I mean properly, not like that human saxophone idiot on Britain's Got Talent.
If you're not aware of Rahzel or Beardyman, check them out right away - they're very impressive.
But I stumbled across a beatboxer the other day combines his art with playing the flute.
Please click on to the site of Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and have a listen for yourself - it's abso-flutely amazing.


  1. If you like talented Britons, check back next week for an earth-shattering Britain's Got Talent exclusive.
    Seriously, it's awesome.

  2. Okay, I admit it turned out to not be as awesome as first expected, as Grandmaster Fred isn't releasing a single now.
    I blame the gutter press... er...


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