Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fondo Ali Farka Toure?


WHEN reviewing Vieux Farka Toure, it's only natural that you mention his father, the legend that is Ali Farka Toure.
For example, I've done in in my first bleeding sentence.
Because his dad's afro-blues guitar work casts a hefty shadow over Fondo, Vieux's third LP - an afrocentric bluesy collection of laid back world music.
Here Farka Toure Jnr's crisp guitar work is clearly proficient, and his songwriting is extremely listenable as well as being just distinctive enough from his dad's output.
The problem is despite the differences it needs to be outstanding in order to stand out in comparison to Farka Toure Snr - and it just isn't.
It's the reason why Julian Lennon will always be a jealous guy, why Ziggy Marley will never be able to stir it up quite enough, and why Dweezil Zappa will, er, never have weasels rip his flesh.


  1. Um, Ali Farka Toure isn't a living legend. Legend, yes. Living, not so much.

  2. A good point well made. Don't I feel like a spoon now.
    I've amended the post accordingly.
    And true to my word, if you have a UK postal address you can e-mail me to Isaac_Ashe@mrn.co.uk I'll send you a promo CD or two to say thanks for your proofreading services.


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