Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sew good


I CANNOT be the only person, on hearing Damien Rice's first tentative offerings back in 2001, that Googled Lisa Hannigan to find out who she was.
Sadly, back then Hannigan, who provided backing for Rice on both O and 9, hadn't done any solo work.
Now it was a bit of a wait, but at least at last all that has now changed, with Monday seeing the UK release of her debut album Sea Sew, already a hit in her native Ireland.
Led by Hannigan's breathy, enticing vocals, the album is chock full of folk songs that will please fans of her work with Rice.
However where Damien Rice's work is often characterised by its sparseness, here the tracks are laden with strings and horns and xylophones which, like a musical monkey hormone are pumped in to increase each song's potency.
In fact, I would recommend that you see Sea Sew for your self.

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