Friday, May 08, 2009

Requesting Classic Collection suggestions

I'VE posted this at the official Isaac Ashe's Sound Advice Facebook site, and I'm posting it here as well - I'd like to hear people's suggestions for Classic Collection additions.
So far I've picked 30 albums that are either hidden gems or oft-overlooked classics, listed down the right hand side if you're interested, and I have some more in mind for the future - but I'd love to hear from anyone who has any ideas.
So far I've had The Wildhearts' 1993 debut album Earth Vs The Wildhearts flagged up, and I shall be dusting it off over the weekend for blast from the past for sure.
If anyone else has any suggestions, please drop them below.


  1. I've also had Sunhouse's album Crazy On The Weekend mentioned, which is a new one on me.
    I pledge to investigate further...

  2. Three new names have been thrown up on the Facebook page - Sick Of It All's Call To Arms, Sarah Jaffe's Ever Born Again and Dinosaur Jr's Hand It Over.
    As always, I'll have a listen to them.
    Does anybody concur with these choices, or have anything to add?
    Let me know!


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