Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mika gets weaker


AHEAD of a new album this Autumn, Mika is set to release a four-track EP on Monday.
Sadly, he needn't have bothered with Songs For Sorrow.
Recorded live with the aid of Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett, the acoustic EP gets off to a good start with the Culture Club-esque Blue Eyes, which gives African rhythms a Western pop-soul makeover.
But then things turn ugly.
Admittedly Lonely Alcoholic, which kicks off with the truly awful line "you're a lonely alcoholic with a tendency to wine", and Lady Jane are merely turgid ballads, but Toy Boy is actual torture to listen to, a cheap metaphor dragged out over the course of three long minutes.
So by the end, Songs For Sorrow left me with a tear in my eye - lamentably for the wrong reason.

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