Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smart Alec


KNOWING some of the work of German electro artist Alec Empire's group Atari Teenage Riot, I was half expecting to be bludgeoned around the head with some hardcore electro shouting by his latest EP, Shivers.
And opening track Control Drug duly obliges, hitting you like a musical fist with techno bass throbs and rampant breakbeats.
But then something strange happens when the title track kicks in.
From track two onwards Empire comes across as some sort of Nine Inch Nails-produced rock singer in the vein of a Teutonic Leonard Cohen or Lou Reed.
It's an interesting twist, which is sure to whet appetites for a full album later this year.


  1. thanks for posting. I checked it out and it blew me away. long time since I heard such diversity on a record.


    keep it coming :)


  2. I know, on this form the full album should be blinding.


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