Sunday, May 10, 2009

Subkicks lack punch


DO YOU like rock music? You can bet that Subkicks do.
Because the West Midlanders' new album, Threes, Fives And Sevens, is like a derivative whistlestop tour of some of their favourite bands.
There's the Kasabian-style opening, a bog standard indie band slowy and it all goes a bit Stereo MCs in the middle.
The problem is it's all been done before - see Britpop - and it's all been done better.
Subkicks are a promising act, but the opportunity to record this album probably came a bit too soon for them - the result is Subkicks sound like they're punching above their weight.


  1. I agree. Very derivative.

  2. I'm glad somebody agrees with me - I always feel a bit bad rubbishing a band's first offerings.

  3. As a debut album I found it to be an amazing mix of many bands and styles. For the first attempt it is brilliant!! And Live they are simply outstanding. Forget Kasabian and alike, this album and band are the real honest deal, no major label telling them what "we" want to hear. A festival band sized band with a great future. Well done !!

  4. Fair enough, each to their own, Mr Anonymous. Although I would like to point out that Kasabian's new album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum blows this out of the water.

  5. Very true Mr Ash, but, it is Kasabian's second album with 3 more years experience in between, And, it should be better at £200,000 to record, shouldn't it? I was just pointing out that subkick album is an excellent debut from an 'non' major label band. From little acorns, an all that!

  6. It's Kasabian's third album, although my nitpicking merely strengthens your argument...
    Anyhoo, I've not written them off - in fact I now await an impressive oak of an album from Subkicks with baited breath. As I said, they're a promising act.


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