Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pistols backfire


SKANKING dance act Dub Pistols are hoping to shoot up the charts with their fourth album, Rum And Coke.
And were they to do so, it would surely be in the style of a gangster from "Landan taan", the sort you find getting into scrapes in a Guy Ritchie movie.
Because the group's shtick of mixing reggae and ska with house beats and a generous splash of British hip hop is the sort of music that's sure to make you have a good time - or else.
But while this exuberance is entertaining in short bursts, over the course of Rum And Coke this uber-cool approach does become a bit repetitive and cliched.
Rum And Coke is a refreshing change, but nevertheless is unlikely to become my usual tipple.

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