Sunday, August 31, 2008

Classic thirteen - Piggin' brilliant

IF EVER a band deserved better, it would be The Longpigs.
Born in the heady days of Britpop, the group penned four of the defining singles of my misspent youth - Far, On And On, She Said and Lost Myself - before releasing a dire sophomore album and going their seperate ways.
And although guitarist Richard Hawley and singer Crispin Hunt have both achieved modicums of success since The Sun Is Often Out, the group - named after a cannibal term for humans - are one of the biggest "what if'"s of that era.
Because this LP, which peaked at a lowly number 26 back in '96, was a brilliantly ambitious, bombastic slice of indie way ahead of laughable comtemporaries like Menswe@r and Rialto.
Alhtough in musical history The Longpigs will be a mere footnote, at the time they kicked ass - and I urge you to indulge.

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