Friday, May 02, 2008

Classic five - General brilliance


BEING Fatboy Slim's boss, Skint supremo Damian Harris - AKA Midfield General - knew his 2000 release Generalisation had to set a good example.
Perhaps that's why Generalisation was five years in the making...
Either way, it's no surprise that the album, which seamlessly shifts from big beat and breaks with housey soul samples and old school hip-hop, is sheer dancefloor brilliance from start to finish.
However a few tracks really stand out on the album - Reach Out, the album's biggest single, is a dreamy, soulful slice of blissed out house, Devil In Sports Casual is a scowling breaks classic, and Stigs Inn Love is a drum and bass track with more unexpected twists than a pole dancer with no bones.
However the track you'll be telling literally everyone you know to listen to - just like I'm doing now - is Midfielding, featuring The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding.
A second album, General Disarray, is out this month, and with it being eight years in the pipeline surely the best is yet to come.

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