Monday, May 12, 2008

Oceansize should make waves

THE mere words "prog rock" are enough to make toe-curling images of grown men in fancy dress fiddling about with their organs spring to most people's minds.
Well, it does to mine...
However Oceansize, whose third album, Frames, is set for a rerelease next monday, are the bright future of this much-maligned genre.
Mixing the heavy metal prowess and technical wizardry of Tool with the emotion and sheer Manc-ness of Elbow, Oceansize's critically applauded Frames was pretty much ignored first time out last year.
True, the band aren't exactly radio-friendly, with the album clocking in at over an hour and the average track length around the eight minute mark, but tracks like the slow-burning Trail Of Fire and Savant are pure genius.
So if you're a fan of 65 Days Of Static, Biffy Clyro, Tool, Elbow or Mogwai, why not take a dip?

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