Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shake your rump to the Plump

LONDON'S Plump DJs just got even plumper - thanks to the release of their fourth album, Headthrash.
The duo of Les Rous and Andy Gardner have always been among the greatest creators of breakbeats around, but sometimes they lacked the accompanying tune for their club-thumping 'choons'.
However on Headthrash, out June 2 on the brilliant Finger Lickin' Records label, there is some real meat on these always exquisitely crafted bones.
On System Addict they bake emotive swells and hip hop vocal samples into their already-tasty nu skool breaks pie, Shifting Gears sees funky, soulful string samples come into play and SNAFU sees the group's trademark beeps and squelches go into skittering overdrive.
Quite simply, Plump DJs are the phattest around.

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