Friday, May 09, 2008

Pendulum swing high

WHEN drum and bass group Pendulum were announced for Download Festival I imagine more eyebrows were raised than tradional devil horns.
However after listening to the group's second LP In Silico, the Australian outfit have clearly developed the kind of crossover appeal not heard since The Prodigy's Fat Of The Land was released.
Where on debut release Hold Your Colour the focus was straight down the line Andy C style drum and bass, with the emphasis on bass, Pendulum have now added detail to their song structures.
Tracks such as Visions and new single Propane Nightmares demonstrate there's real talent hiding underneath the traditional junglist beats and pulsating buzz basses.
While the group are still a little rough around the edges, this could well unite the two disparate genres, if only for the duration of their half-hour onstage at Donington Park this Summer.

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