Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kraak & Smaak traaks laaking


DUTCH dance collective Kraak And Smaak's breakthrough album Plastic People has plastic bagged them some attention in this country since its release earlier this month.
And deservedly so, as their unmistakably European brand of souped-up house with a funky slant in the vein of Etienne de Crecy or Cassius is made for the dancefloor.
Tracks like Squeeze Me and Man Of Constant Sorrow show a group clearly having fun plying their trade.
However not all the tracks have such an appeal, and when the melodies or vocals are less demanding of attention, such as on California Roll or Thinking Back, the drumbeats need to step into the fray more.
Unfortunately they don't meaning that by the end of the LP, attention can stray - but don't just listen to a haak like me.
Plastic People is still a craaking album, and one of the best dance albums to land on my desk so far this year, so why not go Dutch.

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