Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fair Maiden


RUN to the hills - Iron Maiden are back!
Sort of.
Somwhere Back In Time is the latest "best of" from the band, who have racked up double figures of compilation albums, let alone studio efforts, since their inception in 1975.
So I won't bore you with the details - surely you've heard the group by now.
For some they will live up to their name as sheer torture, for other's the Leyton band are thoroughbred rock gods, and for the rest of you they're pure comedy genius.
This outing, covering 1980-1989, has nearly all the household hits - Run To The Hills, The Evil That Men Do, Number Of The Beast, Can I Play With Madness - although I would still say Edward The Great is a better "best of" bet.
However if the album increases interest in Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson's new movie Chemical Wedding, which has my brother Jared Ashe in it, then rock on.

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