Monday, June 16, 2008

Kaki King rules


"THERE are some guitar players that are good and there are some guitar players that are really good.
"And then there's Kaki King."
That is the view of Dave Grohl - you may have heard of him - on Atlantan guitarist and songwriter Kaki King, whose fourth album Dreaming Of Revenge is a real confirmation of a major talent.
Kaki King packs each track with more layers than an onion, creating a rich tapestry of fret tapping, string slapping, picking, strumming and even drumming her guitar.
With a more accessible sound and her vocals more evident than on previous outings, and less of the ponderous virtuoso tracks which although impressive were sometimes a chore to sit through, Dreaming Of Revenge is sweet.

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  1. Check out Kaki King's Playing With Pink Noise video here -


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