Thursday, June 12, 2008

Herbaliser is mint


HAVING been around for some time, since 1995 in fact, English hip hop duo Herbaliser are grand old sages of the scene.
So it's no surprise that the former Ninja Tune outfit's sixth studio album Same As It Never Was is a slick affair.
Mixing their trademark abstract hip hop and breaks with good time funk, sassy soul and a splash of contemporary jazz, Same As It Never Was is for the best part a Mark Ronson-style party album.
The album, amazingly for a group so long in the tooth, sounds fresh and is, quite simply, mint.


  1. This sounds like a great album. As of late, I can't stop listening to Eric Solomon who, like Herbaliser has a hint of jazz and an r'n'b sound. His music is so catchy and like nothing out there. - enjoy!

  2. I shall investigate this Eric character...

  3. Is it you, Mr Anonymous.
    Are you Eric?


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