Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Rascals are cheeky Monkeys

MILES Kane, ertswhile Arctic Monkeys colloborator, is back to his day job The Rascals.
And listening to the Wirral group's debut effort, it seems that working with the Sheffield prodigies has rubbed off on the group.
A lot.
The album, Rascalize, sounds like the product of a fumbling one night stand between Arctic Monkeys and The Coral.
But although it is a raw sounding effort, this is not a shambles by any stretch, and fans of the aforementioned groups will find a lot of merit here.
However Rascalize is nothing new, and what there is rarely raises above average.
Basically, if are the sort of person that is likely to buy an Arctic Monkeys b-sides compilation, then go ape.

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