Friday, June 27, 2008

Dirty Pretty average

NOT only does The Libertines hang round Dirty Pretty Things' frontman Carl Barat's neck like a lead weight on Romance At Short Notice, but the former Pete Doherty right hand man is also charged with trying to outdo debut effort Waterloo Or Anywhere's success.
And although this effort fails to scale the peaks of his previous outfit, it's a surprise to this reviewer that he has even made it to base camp 'Listenable', let only penned a few sizzlers.
After a stuttering start in Buzzards & Crows the album picks up momentum, and although single Tired Of England is a bit lame, the ska-tinged Clash-style indie exhibited on tracks like Chinese Dogs, Best Face and Kicks Or Consumption is some of Dirty Pretty Things best yet.
Romance it ain't, but I still like you Carl.

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