Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isaac is Pleased

I WOULD like to say a quick "thank you" to Pat Ashe for donating a cassette tape to the Isaac Ashe's Sound Advice Ashemobile Soundsystem Appeal.
That brings the grand total of tapes received to one tape.
Pat kindly donated At Your Table, a tape by Southampton's Please Will, an electro acoustic artist with a real DIY ethic not unlike Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly or Jamie-T.
Copies of the tape, which I highly recommend, are available to buy from Please Will's Myspace page at the link above.
If anyone else has any cassette tapes they no longer want, they can donate them to the Isaac Ashe's Sound Advice Ashemobile Soundsystem Appeal by either dropping them off at the Loughborough Echo offices or posting them to -
Isaac Ashe's Sound Advice Ashemobile Soundsystem Appeal,
Isaac Ashe,
Loughborough Echo,
Princes' Court,
Royal Way,
LE11 5XR.

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