Thursday, June 26, 2008

Carpet flawed?


KID Carpet is a very apt name for this keyboard-wielding singer-songwriter.
No, not the Carpet bit, the Kid moniker.
For Casio Royale, the Bristol-based Kid Carpet’s second LP, is clearly product of a man having a lot of innocent, wide-eyed fun with his computer-beeps and beats art.
The overall sound may be a little one man fiddling with his organ for his own pleasure at times, but funtime tracks like Can’t Stop The Pop and Solitaire make the likes of Mika look like an old grumpy boots.
That said, other’s like So Much Fun and Hitting The Wall show a heavier edge, making an interesting if contradictory switch from subject matter like kiss chases to packets of fags.
Perhaps he’s just going through an awkward phase...

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