Sunday, June 01, 2008

Do not Disturbed


HARD rockers Disturbed are back with a fourth effort, Indestructable.
Demonstrating the Chigaco group's trademark pummelling riffs and throbbing bass-heavy beats as well as a frontman as powerful vocally as ever in David Dreiman, on paper Indestructable is hard to beat.
Indeed, fans of the band will lap up tracks like the brutal Inside The Fire and the incendiary Perfect Insanity like a baby on a teat.
However for me the group, who are appearing at this year's Download in Castle Donington this month, despite the riffing and postering and scary artwork, remain too safe.
The same way that being strapped down on a rollercoaster dulls the excitement, Disturbed are so polished you can see your face in them, where they need to retain a rawness and a sense of danger.

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