Saturday, May 16, 2009

Classic thirty one - Empirical evidence


AKIN to my inclusion of Michael Jackson's Bad in my Classic Collection selection, Evil Empire probably didn't struggle to shift many units when it came out - in fact it hit the top of the charts in the US and peaked at number four in the UK.
However the follow-up to Rage Against The Machine's rap rock crossover classic Rage Against The Machine has ended up being overlooked, merely for being wedged between the group's eponymous and best-known first album and their undoubtedly brilliant third album Battle Of Los Angeles.
However the fact remains that Evil Empire was created by one of the greatest bands of recent times whilst at the height of their powers, lacing heavy grooves with virtuoso playing.
This is a politically hard-hitting album delivered expertly by rapper Zach de la Rocha with a brutal sound to match, which literally thumps the listener with stripped-down funky metal riff after stripped-down funky metal riff.
Although Rage Against The Machine may be their finest work in terms of their legacy, Evil Empire's release was the one that confirmed they fighting a campaign, not just a battle.

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