Friday, May 29, 2009

Birdie songs


IS IT a bird? Is it a workshop? No, it's a countrified folk group, here with their debut album, Sleight Of Hand.
Sort of.
Because Sparrow And The Workshop claim this release is a 'mini-album', too long to be an EP and too short to be an album - which is either lazy or self-indulgent, depending on your point of view.
Anyway, what isn't lazy is the Glaswegians' music, which for the best part rattles along with a pleasing acoustic guitar twang and evocative vocal intertwining of drummer Gregor Donaldson and Jill "Dead Sparrow" O'Sullivan.
But is the trio's Scottish Americana worth a listen?
Only slightly - in fact, why not wait for them to bother making a full album.


  1. Good post sounds like interesting..

  2. The post or the band?
    Seriously though, if you're into alt-folk or alt-country, then Sparrow And The Workshop are pretty worth a listen, but their unlikely to convert anyone to the genres.

  3. What's the beef with 6-tracks? Beta band did plenty and no-one complained. no-one calls a band lazy or self-indulgent for putting out 2 songs as a single do they? just saying. And probably isn't a case of whether they could be 'bothered' to make a full album anyhow. it's probably some record company thing.

  4. Why not call it an EP though?
    Calling a mini-album is just a bit pretentious, don'tcha think?
    And anyway, that's a mere aside - the 3/5 review is based on the mediocrity of the music, not the number of tracks on the release.

  5. BTW the full album, I've just found out, has seven tracks on it.
    Go figure.


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