Monday, March 08, 2010

Classic forty three - Shadow leaves the rest in the dark


ENDTRODUCING... set the standard back in 1996, and finally, six near-silent years later, The Private Press saw DJ Shadow return to prove it was no one off.
Casting a huge shadow over his peers, The Private Press - possibly my favourite Classic Collection addition so far - is impeccably put together from start to finish, showcasing why Josh Davis is a god amongst producers.
Here he cuts and pastes with the best of the turntablists, with breaks and smile-raising samples laid on in equal measures on tracks like Mashin' On The Motorway and Right Thing.
But what sets Shadow apart are the mini masterpieces, the tracks like Fixed Income, Giving Up The Ghost or You Can't Go Home Again, which pile on his trademark cavernous orchestral feel.
It's these moments which sends shivers up and down the spine, and make The Private Press a true classic.

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