Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sound Advice hit in the Googles

ATTENTIVE readers of Sound Advice will have noticed a recent post has disappeared.
A download I offered, of Marina And The Diamond's track Hollywood that had been remixed by Mr Fogg, has had a claim for copyright infringement filed against it under United States law, so will be temporarily unavailable.
For some time by the looks of it, as despite Google, who host this site through Blogger, being an Internet company, they don't accept e-mails over the subject, only faxes or letters, to California, at my own cost.
I digress - the reason for this post is to reassure readers that all my downloads are offered in good faith and totally, 100 per cent legally.
In this case, a trustworthy PR company working on behalf of Mr Fogg submitted the file for posting, and I even confirmed with them that I would be okay to host and post before doing so.
Please do not hesitate to check out any of the other mp3s on this site, without fear of breaking any laws, and hopefully I can rehost the Marina remix in the near future - in the meantime, please avoid purchasing any of her records and funding her overzealous representatives.
● UPDATE - After consulting with the PR Company who submitted the file, the Mr Fogg Remix was an uncleared, unofficial remix, and as such will not be reposted.

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