Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Method men


METHOD Actors didn't so much fall off the radar as never quite get on it - despite producing red carpet material.
As a fleeting extra in the all-singing, all-dancing careers of their Athens, Georgia peers that included REM, Pylon and The B-52s, Method Actors deserved so much more - as this compilation of their work says, This Is Still It.
With a punk attitude and energy, played on sparse instrumentation made up of Vic Varney on guitar and David Gamble on drums, the duo's inventive, raucous, hook-laden garage rock is pretty much timeless in appeal - sounding as much like cult heroes like The Violent Femmes as next big things like Eddy Current Suppression Ring.
It's such a travesty that Method Actors never played a bigger part in the 1980s rock scene, and the likes of myself are only just hearing of them - let's hope the script can be rewritten for this retrospective release.

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