Monday, March 29, 2010

Skuffle about


THE tracks on busking band Skuffle’s debut may normally be turned up to 11 - but the group manage to make enough noise with the 16 rock anthems unplugged.
The acoustic arrangements of the tracks here - such as AC/DC’s Back In Black, Deep Purple’s Black Night, The Rolling Stones's Jumping Jack Flash, Cream’s Sunshine Of Your Love and The Beatles’s Come Together - are all pretty faithful, and vocalist Sean Kingsley, while possessing a powerful voice, does ape each cover’s original style.
But it matters not - the group’s self-confessed mission statement is to get people to revisit the originals, and to pick up their own guitars and have a bit of fun, something the four-piece clearly are here.
And on top of this - no offence to that tramp and his tin whistle - I’ve yet to come across better buskers in Loughborough’s Market Place.

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