Friday, March 26, 2010

Okapi better than just OK


ATTENTION to detail is clearly Okapi's thing - as a promising newcomer, he had to e-mail pictures of his 'working out' to his record label suitors to prove that music of such intricacy had been made on his computer, and not simply lifted wholesale from elsewhere.
And rather than just creating a new collection of songs for his latest LP, Okapi has gone the trouble of creating an entirely fictional Kyrgistani composer, Wikipedia entry and all, for him to cover on Okapi Plays The Work Of Aldo Kapi (1914-1982).
This focus is applied brilliantly to an eclectic mix of tracks here, from the childlike plod of Bud Dub to the brassy big bands of Everything Must Change Part 2 to the techno stomp of The Next! - although Okapi never once settles into a groove throughout.
Music of this invention and intricacy, however schizophrenic it may be, surely demands a close look.

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