Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Autechre technically brilliant


LISTENING to Autechre's new album Oversteps is like stepping into a fractal.
The more you explore the IDM landscape, the more there is to take in - at times the LP is almost too much for the listener to comprehend.
Then again, listening to the Manchester duo isn't meant to be easy - I've heard words like fractured, awkward and agitating frequently banded around, and that's by self-proclaimed fans.
Don't expect verse chorus verse chorus anywhere, or even anything close to a breakdown - musically, that is.
Instead be prepared for a shifting unpredictable mass of clicks, beats and thundering bass swells.
However amongst this all there are still enough echoes of techno and a clear hint of doomy dubstep among the dense, overbearing electronic soundscapes, making the whole LP more welcoming, if that is the correct word, than most of their extensive nine album strong back catalogue.
Do not underestimate Oversteps - it could be the album of 2010 right here.

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