Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quar blimey


ALTHOUGH aware of Pavement, I've never really gone down their path in earnest before - so their best of Quarantine The Past was a voyage of discovery rather than a stroll down memory lane.
The reasons behind my ignorance? I suppose the name hardly inspired me, and a few seconds of their plodding lo fi alt rock from the cult band was enough for me to wander.
Also, a friend of mine used to relentlessly play a Pavement track at me, convinced I would like it.
I didn't, and I'm happy to say that bugbear of a track isn't included on this 23-track slab of Pavement, luckily.
I'm also happy to say I was wrong about the band being boring - there's some real gems here which I will file on the subdued side of The Pixies and The Violent Femmes.
However I will say that I still feel that Pavement are more of an important band, the foundation on which a good many of my favourites stand, rather than an enjoyable one.

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