Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Great White Stripes?


LONG time followers of this blog - yeah, I know - will be aware of generally how underwhelmed I am by The White Stripes's output, describing them as "mediocre at best and tone deaf at worst".
However one argument thrown at me time and time again is that if I'd seen them live, I'd be converted.
Now if anyone has a spare ticket next time the duo come to the East Midlands I'd gladly give it a shot - but I suppose listening to Under Great White Northern Lights, their latest live offering, will have to do for now.
And yeah, I agree Jack and Meg give their performances more welly than a farmer's shoe rack.
This exertion makes for a good show, and having a setlist which features more than a handful of fan favourites - Blue Orchid, Fell In Love With A Girl, Seven Nation Army, Jolene etc. - makes for an alright album, although I suppose you'd have to be there, in 2007, in Canada, when this was recorded, for the full effect...
In the meantime, I shall stick to the likes of The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather for my Jack White fixes.

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