Saturday, March 20, 2010

Six appeal


NOW I must confess, much as I'd like to claim to be in the know about up-and-coming bands, I only chose to listen to Six Gallery's debut as it's got a picture of an octopus holding some balloons on the front cover.
And I'm very glad that I did.
The American group's album Breakthroughs In Modern Art is the sound of a flurry of Minus The Bear-style icy guitar licks cutting through a warm heap of post-hardcore vocal harmonies, and it sounds like it's being done by a guitarist with eight arms, or at least a few extra fingers - it's no surprise that the group's roots are instrumental.
It's tentacle-tapping stuff, pulsating with energy and invention throughout, as each layer wraps itself around the last - in fact, the sole suggestion I can offer to improve this album would be for the aforementioned octopus to be wearing a hat.


  1. Thankyou so, so, so much for introducing me to this band.
    They are ridiculously brilliant- I'm completely and utterly hooked :)

  2. No problem - I feel the same, they're phenomenal.


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