Monday, March 01, 2010



CALIFORNIA man Gonjasufi's debut album A Sufi And A Killer is such a mystical, magical, spellbinding introduction to the vocalist it should be supplied to every buyer in a puff of smoke.
Because the shamanic-looking singer, real name Sumach Ecks, and his co-conspirator, producer Gaslamp Killer, have weaved some magic here.
Gonjasufi's vocals are a unique and unpredictable blend of street poetry, soul and mysticism which remind me of the equally freewheeling talent Cody Chestnutt - veering wildly from genre to genre, for instance the electro stomp of DedNd sitting alongside the delicate Sheep.
However with Gaslamp Killer as well as Mainframe and Flying Lotus overseeing affairs, this patchwork approach is expertly fused, with world music, old school funk, LSD-soaked psychedelia, '60s rock and hip hop sewn together with skeletal beats.
You'd be wise to pick up a copy of A Sufi And A Killer as soon as you can.

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