Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bonobo doesn't monkey around


THERE'S a danger that Bonobo's music, being lush and warm and smooth and sultry and gorgeous as it is, can be written off as mood music, a sort of musical wallpaper.
And true, it's easy to hang with Black Sands, but a little closer inspection reveals that the album is in fact an understated masterpiece.
Brit Bonobo, real name Simon Green, has always been a master of beats, something clearly in evidence on tracks here like Eyesdown and Kong which will have you nodding like you have an elastic neck, but there's more than chillout room beats to please here.
The album envelops the listener, with rich cinematic tones smoothing over the eclectic influences on display - ranging from hints of dubstep on 1009 to the soul jazz vocals of Andreya Triana on tracks like The Keeper - resulting in a very modern classic feel.


  1. I've noticed that the album is doing very well in the Charts. It's recent release. I only got Black Sands earlier today but I've not yet had the chance to listen. Musical wallpaper eh?
    I'll investigate further ;)

  2. It's amazing, Joe, I've had it on repeat for days.
    Album of the year so far?

  3. Cheers for the heads up on this Isaac, loved Green's work ever since Animal Magic and had no idea he had a new 'un out. A trip to Rockaboom is called for...

    Keep up the good blog.

    Alex (LCC PR)


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