Friday, March 05, 2010

King poor


IF YOU fused Plain White T's, McFly and Sum 41 into one, creating some sort of youthfully energetic and downright irritating monster, you’d get We The Kings.
Because the group’s sound musically is an amalgamation of the trio, with cynical void-filling pop rock the order of the day.
With Smile Kid :), the group cover the limited topics of the summer sun of their Florida home, and love and romance - which, as you might guess from the fact their terrible album artwork depicts a bunch of fresh faced teens, they are naively optimistic about.
On one track, Summer Love, they even combine them both.
It's a depressingly simple approach, obviously aimed at wooing the impressionable swooning teen girl market - and me listening to it feels a bit wrong, to be honest, as I'm probably old enough to be their key demographic's dad.


  1. Well from a strictly PR standpoint, perhaps that was the image that We The Kings was going for. After all at that age, not much else is on their mind. Makes one worried about the future of this country. However, now I am actually quite intrigued with their sound. With that kind of a combination of bands, could make for one interesting cd. But I do indeed have to agree with you whole heartedly on their poor choice of album cover. It reminds me of a mesh between the covers of a season of "Friends" and a season of "Secret Life of an American Teenager." And do I spy Zac Efron there in the middle-left?
    All jokes aside, seems like an interesting mix of crappy art and weird rock. I'm actually looking forward to hearing their music!

  2. It's not worth getting excited about, believe me.


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