Friday, March 14, 2008

Classic one - 'Werk and play


SINCE I've already yakked on about all my favourite new music like a pub bore, and everybody already knows the true classic albums out there - Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, The Beatles' Revolver, Vanilla Ice's To The Extreme etc. - so I thought I'd yak on about a few oft-overlooked classics.
Then perhaps I can get round to objectively reviewing some music without slobbering over how I love it so much.
So my first absolute must-have for any collection is Kraftwerk's 1981 LP Computer World.
As a lot of the Germans' pioneering synthpop can veer on the side of dystopian darkness and general Teutonic pessimism, you would fear for the results when they release a concept album based on the rise of robots within society.
Instead you get a chirpy song about a pocket calculator and a song, Computer Love, which when sampled led to an upbeat Coldplay song.


  1. You really can't beat a bit of Kraftwerk, invested in Man Machine just last year, man God, I don't know how I'd managed to avoid getting it before. Masterpiece!

  2. I have Man Machine and Computer World back to back on a tape in my car (tapes, I know...) and it actually makes my driving 72 per cent more efficient.

  3. Computer Love was also covered by Glass Candy on their album from last year, BEATBOX.

    It's pretty damn good too (the song and album).

  4. I shall hunt it down and drive to it.


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