Friday, March 21, 2008

Frock rock one - New Shoes

AT PRESENT a glut of new or nearly-new albums by female-fronted bands have left rock's musical compass pointing towards the oestrogen.
The first of these frock-wearing rockers are Blood Red Shoes, a two-piece made up of 50 per cent womankind in the form of Laura-Mary Carter, a Kate Nash with knuckledusters type (as well as Steven Ansell, who cares about him).
Leaked on the internet back in November 2007, Blood Red Shoes' glorious debut Box Of Secrets - which has spawned five singles already - is still to be officially released, although it is finally due on April 14.
And it can't come soon enough - Box Of Secrets is a real haymaker of an album, landing you with hook after hook in the form of punky grungey rock songs like Say Something, Say Anything and You Bring Me Down.

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