Thursday, March 13, 2008


HELLO Loughborough Echo readers, isn't it nice that we can talk like this?
Unless you've had the fortune for one of us newshounds to come out and meet you face-to-face for one reason or another, it's unlikely you will know what lovely people we really are, behind the ground-breaking exclusives and sensational scoops we write each week in The Echo.
So we've decided to go blogging.
Other ideas soon to hit the interweb from colleagues include blogs on books, blogs on travel, blogs on us blogging, all sorts of nonsense.
A massive interest of mine is music - I am a multi-instrumentalist, have previously earnt my crust playing in covers bands and playing original material, and am a music junkie, constantly searching around a disparate mix of genres past, present and future for a new 'hit'.
So in order for me to pass on my passion, to maybe point somebody in the direction of a new favourite album, and to keep getting promo CDs sent to me in the post, I have decided to write Sound Advice.
Watch this cyberspace...


  1. I like the sound of that!! I too am a music junkie and I hope you'll point me in the right directions for a better fix.

  2. have you tried ? Awesome music!


  3. Glad to be of service - just check back whenever you need to, you fiend, you.


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