Friday, March 14, 2008

Mental lists

AS I mentioned in an earlier post, I am a sad, sad man, and I feel compelled each December to make a list of my albums of the year.
Please don't think to badly of me and my affliction - this did start in a professional capacity at another newspaper, with a list of my five favourites of 2004, and was continued each year as a special feature highlighting my favourites, such as Hot Chip's The Warning, shown above.
However, like some kind of musical OCD sufferer, even though there was no outlet for me to publish it, I still made a top ten of 2007.
What a freak.
Luckily now, thanks to Sound Advice, I can exorcise that demon by posting it in the right hand column, alongside my archives of previous years when I can dig them out.
Perhaps now I can move on with my life, at least until December...

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