Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The name's Blonde


RAPPER and philosopher Snoop Doggy Dogg once mused: "Ugly girls don't sell records."

Although Tha DoggFather may have had a point to make on the shallow nature of the music industry, there are always exceptions to the rules.

How else can you explain the continuing appeal of the likes of Bjork, PJ Harvey, Michelle McManus...

Okay, scratch that last one.

However The Long Blondes are the opposite - frontwoman Kate Jackson may have sailed high the NME cool list and on the pages of glossy fashion magazines, but the straight-down-the-line Blondie influenced nu New Wave of the turgid Couples proves there is also a lot of style over content knocking about in the charts.
And you don't need an ugly rapper to tell you that.

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