Sunday, March 16, 2008

An arresting album


LITTLE and often seem the watchwords of Canadian post-rock outfit Tokyo Police Club, who incidentally have never been to Japan and have no powers of arrest.
Their debut release, A Lesson In Crime, was a blistering tour de force which made my albums of 2007, despite being just eight tracks and mere 16 minutes long.
They followed this up, not with a full length effort, but later the same year with a four-track, ten minute sucker punch of even more blistering stutter-rock in the form of the Smith EP, and then just to rub salt in the expectant fans' wounds, a one-track single Your English Is Good.
So Elephant Shell, their first, ahem, full-length album, which hits the shelves in May, fails to surprise when after a good 28 minutes of frenetic, shifting, emotive, engaging post-rock it comes to an abrupt end.
At least at this rate there'll be another Tokyo Police Club album out in six months.

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