Friday, March 21, 2008

Frock rock two - Brooding music


This Gift, Sons And Daughters' third album released in January, is a progression for the four-piece indie folk rockers.
A good deal heavier than their previous stuff, the bands pulse - a trademark tubthumping beat - is sounding stronger than ever.
In fact on This Gift some of the tracks almost sound glam with the guitars laid over the stomping beats.
However while the band have learnt to rock out, at the same time there is evidence of a new-found restraint when needed, which adds more maturity to their new songs.
And although sometimes, but not often, this exuberance spills over into the land of cheese, highlights such as title track This Gift, Iodine and album bookends Gilt Complex and Goodbye Service show the Glaswegians have a lot more to give.

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