Friday, May 23, 2008

36 Crazyfists' album lacks kick


CONSIDERING The Tide And Its Takers is Alaskan metalcore outfit 36 Crazyfists' fourth LP, you would think the band would be able to go with the flow a bit more.
Because all of the elements of a great album are here, they're just not put together quite right, as if the Anchorage rockers are trying a little too hard.
With the band's over zealous guitar shredding, bludgeoning bass and frontman Brock Lindow's savage, primal growls almost ever-present throughout the album, the band's obvious knack for a sly hook here and there is almost always lost.
It's this balance that lets the band down - there's too much going on, too many skipped or added beats scattered throughout preventing the listener from grabbing hold.
And it's a shame, as during the moments on The Tide And Its Takers it comes together, 36 Crazyfists pack a real punch.

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