Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spiritualized in good health


AFTER the disappointing new release from The Charlatans comes another Britpop also-ran from out of nowhere.
Yes, sorry to say it, Spiritualized fans - and Charlatans fans for that matter - but they were never colussusses like Blur, Pulp or Oasis in their heyday.
Who next - Spacehog again bringing home the bacon? Menswear back in fashion? A Sleeper awakening? Please, anything but a new Space odyssey.
The reason behind the absence, of course, is frontman Jason Pierce's near death at the hands of a severe bout of pneumonia.
And new LP, the aptly-medical Songs In A&E, shows a band that has never been in better health.
Songs In A&E is an epic, warm, human and rich yet at the same time harrowing, eerie and intense.
Floaty compositions such as new single Soul On Fire and Death Take Your Fiddle are linked together brilliantly with string and piano 'harmonies' to create an opus that should prove to be a real shot in the arm for the band.


  1. colossi surely not colosusses?

  2. Leave me alone - it was hard enough structuring the sentances so as not to say Oasisses.

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