Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sat around


MAKING being in pop group look simple isn't easy - the mere fact that the cocksure John And Edward are one of the top three best groups on this year's X-Factor testifies to this.
But The Saturdays are far from weak.
In fact the sheer fact that at least two-thirds of The Saturdays's new album, Wordshaker, could easily be released as a single says it all - Forever Is Over, One Shot, Wordshaker, Here Standing, Lose Control, Ego, they would all look at home in the top 10.
Not all at number one, mind, but in the charts nonetheless.
Sure, they're unlikely to set the world alight with this unashamedly pop collection, but with a consistency rarely seen in the pop sphere, the five-piece girl group set about honed pop track after honed pop track, with few blips.

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