Sunday, October 04, 2009

Noughty thoughts

DECEMBER 31, 2009, marks the end of the noughties, and ushers in the start of the teenies, I suppose.
So with the decade's last hurrah fast approaching, I thought it only right, as I'm sad enough to compile an Albums of the Year list annually, that I should consider my Albums Of The Decade.
Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory has sold 24 million copies, the joint highest amount worldwide alongside Backstreet Boys with Black And Blue - should that get them a place?
Does the influence on the 2000s of the likes of Is This It? by The Strokes earn a mention?
And does experimental genre-blurring such as Radiohead's Kid A sum up the last 10 years for you?
Perhaps you just want to plug an overlooked favourite from the past 10 years.
Whatever you opinion, you can join in the debate across at the Sound Off forum.

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  1. I first listened to this album at the age of 15. I really adored it back then. Now, even tough I've discovered a lot of new other stuff I still feel the same way when I listen to crawling reanimation!
    What a sensation!


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